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Water reuse will cut GCC carbon footprint

Recycling treated effluent will reduce GCC carbon dioxide production by 20-40 per cent compared with producing an equivalent amount of water through conventional seawater desalination processes.

Martin Currie, water utilities development consultant with WS Atkins of the UK, said it could also drastically reduce the region’s water bills.

“The goods news is that the economic argument in favour of water reuse is reinforced by the environment argument for it,” Currie told MEED’s Wastewater Treatment & Reuse 2007 conference in Abu Dhabi.

He added that water consumption in large buildings can be reduced by almost half by using equipment and materials that conserve water. Almost half the water that can be saved will be due to using new technologies in bathrooms.

“This shows that demand reduction is the area we should be focusing our energies on,” Currie said.