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Why are more brands and marketers turning to Facebook this Ramadan?

Every year, during Ramadan, people connect with faith, family and friends. Brands and marketers, too, are making the best use of Ramadan period to create meaningful conversations with audiences across the MENA region.

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According to Facebook, more than 86 per cent of its users are celebrating Ramadan this year in the region. Also, according to it, brands – whether FMCG, retail, automotive or beauty – have an extra 57.6 million hours to capture attention in MENA during Ramadan period (Facebook has taken into consideration a span of nine weeks split into pre-Ramadan, during and post-Ramadan period.)

In other words, Facebook usage during Ramadan increases by an extra 57.6 million hours in MENA, peaking at 3 am.

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Apart from engaging on social media, Ramadan is also a ripe month for increased e-commerce activity in the region. This amplified activity is primarily driven by mobile purchases, which gets a 43.2 per cent jump when compared to a 5.5 per cent increase in desktop activity during the Holy Month.

With the rise of e-commerce and social media engagement tools, brands are coming put with targeted marketing campaigns tracking the insights from their customers’ online activity.

Amongst these brands, Splash (part of Landmark Group), one of the largest online fashion retailers in the Middle East, has leveraged this to maximum potential.

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Splash promoted its Ramadan collection on Facebook, driving acquisition and re-engagement campaigns to drive sales. This resulted in a 75 per cent increase in sales during Ramadan, with an 80% increase in conversion rates, yielding 15 per cent higher return on adspend.

L’Oreal used custom-made creative to promote its Ultra Doux haircare range during Ramadan on Facebook, resulting in a 14.3 per cent increase in ad recall in Saudi Arabia, and a 9.3 per cent increase in brand awareness in the UAE, Facebook data show.

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“For a period as significant as Ramadan, which sees tremendous traffic on the platform, marketers in the region have the opportunity to leverage Facebook’s family of apps and services to personalize content at scale, and thereby influence people at the point of inspiration, consideration and conversion,” says Shant Oknayan, Regional Business Lead across Retail, Telecom, Technology, Services and Entertainment across Facebook, Instagram and the family of apps.