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Works Ministry commences sanitary project in block 1048 in Dar Klaib

MoW’s Sanitary Engineering Planning & Projects Director Eng. Asma Murad revealed that the Ministry has commenced work on the sanitary project in Block 1048 in Dar Klaib at a cost of BD275,714.

Murad explained that the project comprises of extending main pipes at a length of 1.2km and secondary pipes at a length of 1km, constructing 109 inspection chambers and 1 lifting station, in addition to connecting 115 houses to sewerage networks.

‘The project was awarded Crown Electro mechanic Services. Work commenced in October, 12, 2014 and is expected to complete within 1 year,’ said Murad.

The project will contribute to avoiding health hazards resulting from sewage floods, by discharging wastewater into the new sewerage network instead of tanks, which will also reduce the cost of providing septic tanks.