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Works Ministry organizes blood donation campaign

As part of the Ministry’s keenness to serve the society by supporting blood donation campaigns on the Kingdom’s level and support patients in need for blood, a blood donation campaign was organized by the Organizational Culture Committee, headed by the Assistant Undersecretary for Technical Services Eng. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Khayyat; in cooperation with the Ministry of Health’s Central Blood Bank.

Al Khayyat stated that the Ministry always seeks to enhance societal partnership values with both the governmental and private organizations in order to activate its role in society; in line with directives from HE the Minister of Works Eng. Essam bin Abdulla Khalaf.

‘The campaign aims to promote the culture of voluntary work by spreading awareness about the importance of donating blood to save the lives of patients and the injured, and also spread values like generosity amongst the society. Blood donation is a national responsibility for ministries and other governmental bodies,’ said Al Khayyat.

72 employees participated in the campaign. Al Khayyat extended thanks to all donors, staff from the Central Blood Bank and everybody who contributed to the success of the campaign.