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Works Ministry receives members of Samaheej Islamic Centre Society

MoW’s Roads Assistant Undersecretary Eng. Huda Fakhro received members of the Society of Samaheej Islamic Centre, comprising of Mohammed Ebrahin Al Motawa (Honorary Member), Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Kharfoosh (Honorary Member), Habib Abdulla Al Farh (The Society’s Secretary), Hussain Yousif Ahmed (Board Member), Ali Ahmed Kharfoosh (The Youth & Media Advisor) and Abdul Fatah Hassan Kharfoosh (resident of Samaheej).

Present at the meeting were also roads and sanitary engineers and the Ministry’s Coordination & Follow-up Committee. The meeting highlighted the Societal Partnership Agreement to be signed between the Ministry and Samaheej Islamic Centre Society.

During the meeting, Fakhro commended the collaboration between the Ministry and civil societies, which contributes to serving people and providing better services to them. A number of roads and sanitary related issues were highlighted in the meeting, including the revamp of Raya Avenue.

They also discussed Muharraq Ring Road Project, which links Muharraq to other areas. Fakhro explained that phase 1 works commenced in April, 24, 2014.

Members of the society presented a number of other issues, including the regular maintenance of storm water drains, revamping Road 3513 pavement in Block 235 to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities. They also highlighted the paving of Raya Park parking spaces, asphalt paving to the area surrounding the water pit along Avenue 17 and other related issues.