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Young Arab Leaders hold the First Elections in 2008 for their Chapters Executive Boards

Young Arab Leaders (YAL), the region's foremost development platform for business, public sector and civil society leaders, held the first elections in the organization's history and today announced the results of the new Chapter Executive Boards.

YAL is a regional, not-for-profit organization and is a network of members, who are young Arab men and women, with diverse areas of expertise, and with the aim to be the triggers for positive change for the future generations of the Arab World.

YAL has members from various Arab countries and currently have YAL Chapters in 6 Arab countries. The elections process was announced on Feb 27th 2008 and communicated to all the members of Chapters where elections were being held. The elections concluded on 23rd May. YAL has announced Election Results for six countries where elections were held. The chapter countries for which results have been announced are Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Lebanon and UAE.

Commenting on the first YAL elections, H.E. Dr. Omar Bin Sulaiman, Chairman of the Board of YAL, said:

“Our members and our country chapters are the strong foundation for the successful outreach and implementation of all of YAL’s goals, programs and initiatives. The YAL membership base is expanding gradually with the number of chapters increasing consistently. We are committed to bringing international best practices, strengthening our governance framework, a systematic implementation of our programs throughout our region and thus need to provide support to our chapters. This First YAL Elections of 2008, mark a new milestone in YAL’s progress.”

He added, “We are witnessing immense economic growth in the region and we have to ensure that this growth is sustainable and benefits the entire region. We can achieve this only by enabling and empowering the one solid link that we have with our future – the young people in our region.”

Speaking at the announcement of the results of the first YAL elections, Assem O. Kabesh, CEO of YAL, said:

“The First YAL elections demonstrate YAL’s pledge to the implementation and execution of principles and policies to strengthen the organization from within. The 2008 elections are a step to ensure that all YAL members have a voice in the decision-making, shaping of future strategies and designs of the various programs of our organization. The introduction of the election process is an affirmation of our commitment to continue to enhance the sustainability of our country chapters and making sure that they are progressing to translate YAL’s vision and mandate throughout the region.”

The chapters concluded the entire elections process according to the laws set by the YAL Election Committee. The Chapter Executive Boards have been established to achieve and work towards some of the following goals – planning the appointment & succession, and providing advice and direction for Management team of the chapter; monitoring and evaluating the key non-financial and financial commitments of the chapter; monitoring the chapter’s progress towards its goals; monitoring, reviewing and approving annual, operational and financial results and statements; approve policies and procedures by which Chapter is operated and monitor compliance, etc.

Attached below is the list of the newly elect executive board names for the chapters that held elections:

UAE Chapter
Sultan AL Qassemi , Muna Al Gurg, Abdulla Bin Sugat, Mohammed S. Sulaiman, Mohamed Khammas , Balsam Al Khalil ,Ghazi Atallah.

Bahrain Chapter
Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al-Khalifa, Mazin Al Shehabi, Raed Al Samahiji, Ahmed Bin Hindi, Wajd Al Madani, Zayed AL Zayani,Tariq Al-Saffar.

Palestine Chapter
Abdul Malik Al Jaber, Kamel Husseini, Ghassan Anabtawi , Ibrahim Barham , Nedal Ismail , Maan Bseiso,Odeh Zaghmouri.

Jordan Chapter
Alaa Khaliefeh, Saad Mouasher, Haitham Dahleh,Usama Fayyad,Mustapha Tabbaa,
Sharif Abu Khadra,Ahmad Attiga.

Kuwait Chapter
Farid Al-Fozan, Naif Al-Mutawa, Lamyaa Mohammad Al Rumaih, Nada al Mutwaa, Khaled Al Roudan, Rola Al Dashti, Khalid Al Zanki.

Lebanon Chapter
Marwan Kheireddine, Emile Khoury, Nader Harriri, Chadia Meouchia, Reema Freiji, Michel Fattal, Mohamad Allem, Yasseer Akkawi, Georges Abou Jaoude.