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ZonesCorp educates workers on their rights

In its continuing efforts to educate blue collar workers on their rights as enshrined in the UAE Labor Laws, a team from the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) recently visited several factories in the Mussafah area of Abu Dhabi.

The visit was part of an ongoing process by ZonesCorp to educate the labor class on their rights, particularly with respect to working hours during the summer and the Holy Month of Ramadan as stipulated by the UAE Ministry of Labor.

The inspection team, which distributed water bottles and snacks to the laborers, informed the workers that during the summer months between June 15 and September 15, 2014 they are required to compulsorily take a break between 12:30pm and 3pm as stipulated under the UAE Labor Law.

The workers were informed that it was incumbent upon the employer to provide them with adequate shaded area to rest during this break period, and additionally they were required to work in two shifts for a total of eight hours.

Moreover, the laborers were informed that should any person work beyond the maximum prescribed limit of eight hours split into two shifts a day, he/she would be entitled to be paid overtime in accordance with the UAE Labor Law.

Mr. Hatem Al Junaibi – Vice President – FLS Regulatory and Compliance of ZonesCorp, who was part of the field inspection team, said: “We are working to educate workers and inform them of their rights.

ZonesCorp is keen to safeguard every interest of the working class by ensuring that the Labor Law is implemented in strictest sense in order to promote the general principles of civil and human rights.

“ZonesCorp endeavors to achieve this end through the active cooperation from both the employee and the employer.